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WorldUnlock Codes Calculator 4.4 Free Download

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Swapping a locked phone from one network to another just got easier with the new WorldUnlock Codes Calculator. It features a more powerful algorithm that extracts the codes from the IMEI numbers, the manufacturer’s serial numbers and the parent networks then deciphers an unlock code.

The process is simple and you only need to send a service message or request with a *#06# code to have a string of codes delivered which will remove the network lock. The WorldUnlock Codes Calculator shows the codes simply and it will generate codes for all types of phones with a bond to every kind of network.

The codes are shown in a simple form where pw designates the start of the code which is placed between two plus signs. Enter this code in your phone from the WorldUnlock Codes Calculator and all other sim cards will work with your phone, enabling you to take advantage of a number of features.

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is developed and published by Wickings Network with the purpose of helping users unlock certain phone models from various mobile phone brands. Features include unlocking Nokia, LG, Panasonic, Maxon, Samsung, AEG/Telital, Alcatel, Siemens, Sony and Vitel phone models. This is an easy guide to free Nokia unlocking:

- Select the phone model from the dropdown list.

- Enter the IMEI number of your phone (Press *#06# on the phone)

- Select the country and the service provider where the phone was bought.

- Hit the button Calculate!

- The software generates some Nokia unlock codes.

- If 7 codes are displayed, use the code ending with +7 first.

- If it does not work, then try +1, and finaly +5.

- When the phone displays "Sim restriction off" it is unlocked.

- If only two codes are displayed (+1 and +2) enter both of them!

- Codes will be shown on the form: #pw+CODE+n#

- To get p, w or +, pres the * button several times.

You enter the codes correctly by removing any simcard from the phone, turning the phone on and then enter the code.

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